A new scam targets Netflix users, telling them their account has been suspended due to 'unusual activity.' They are then urged to call 'customer service' to find out what's going on. Watch this video from Malwarebytes security to see what will happen if you call. Scary!

Jim and I watch Netflix every day and so I'm on that site all the time. I haven't seen this particular scam and, before watching this video, I'm not sure what I would have done if I had seen it. But I do know that I wouldn't call any number that popped up on my screen. Still....this site looks legitimate.

I think the scariest part of this video to me is that the mysterious customer service guy is given total access to the user's computer. I mean, he's scrolling through everything, files, folders, all of it! And he keeps telling the user that 'hackers are in your computer.' Uh, yeah. YOU!

Malwarebytes reminds you to never let anyone have remote control of your computer. Never send pictures or images of your credit card over the internet, and always double-check before giving out any financial information. For instance, the number this site asks you to call is NOT Netflix tech support. Look up the actual tech support number on the Netflix site and call them if you're really concerned. But if you see this site on your computer, log out of it! It's a scam!