WDEA's Chris Popper was joined by Tammy Underwood, the Nurse at MDI High School, Melissa Bishop the Nurse at Conners Emerson in Bar Harbor, Rhonda Fortin the Principal at Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor and Dr. Marc Gousse the Superintendent of AOS 91 to talk about COVID-19 and safety precautions

Both Nurses Underwood and Bishop stressed the importance of families following the daily checklist and the need for students and staff to stay home if they experience symptoms such as a fever, sore throat, cough or shortness of breath.

The Island Community has done a fantastic job in following safety protocols. The key to staying safe is not to let the fatigue in dealing with this pandemic get the better of us. We have to continue to wear a mask, sanitize our hands, and stay socially distant.

Students need to make sure they're bringing coats, gloves, hats and jackets to school daily. They'll be heading outside as much as possible. Windows are being kept open in the classrooms. Schools cannot lend clothing out of an abundance of caution and risk of transmission of disease.

There's no doubt that the pandemic has caused the suicide rate to increase and alcohol and drug abuse is on the rise, and domestic violence cases are trending upwards. If you know of someone who is experiencing any of this, or needs help please do NOT keep quiet. Speak to the nurse at your school. Talk to a teacher. Talk to a trusted adult. Talk to a police officer. Call 2-1-1. Help you need is just a phone call away.

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