Just about everybody and their brother headed out to MDI this past weekend!  The stars have finally aligned where good weather is upon us and the restaurants and shops around Bar Harbor are open!

This past Saturday we joined the masses and explored Bar Harbor.  Had a pizza at our favorite pizza joint and then strolled around town.

What was our favorite sight?  Was it Frenchman Bay and the islands that surround the Harbor?  No.  Was it the young New York business people that were walking around with their name tags on, in-town for a meeting?  No.

It was the Draft horses of Wild Irish Farms riding the tourists around town!  The team of horses pulling the old fashioned carriage certainly gave the town a certain festive atmosphere, and when they stopped for a rest at the end of the town pier, tourists and local alike gathered around to view their beauty!

Bar Harbor Draft horses by DJ Fred

Someone asked the owner how much the tour was and was told $25, and people we're climbing aboard.

Did the wife and I jump aboard for a tour?  No, after awhile, we continued on our way to walk off the pizza.