Congratulations to the Ellsworth Girls Cross Country Team! Athletic Director Josh Frost received a phone call today, October 23rd, notifying him that they will be presented the Class B North Sportsmanship Award for the 2nd year in a row.

When Josh Frost told me this, I asked him if he was sure! He laughed, and who can blame him and he said he did ask the Maine Principal's Association if it was in fact true! After all last year, he was told that the Boy's Team had won the Sportsmanship Banner when in fact it was the Girl's. And, then there was the miscalculation in the timing of the Northern Maine Championships that resulted in Ellsworth mistakenly being awarded the runner-up plaque rather than the Championship Plaque.

I have said it before and it bears repeating! The Sportsmanship Banner is the best award you can win! Gold balls and first place trophies are great, but to be recognized by coaches and officials for the way you compete is better. We can't all be champions, but we can all be good sports!

Congratulations to the Ellsworth Girls Cross Country Team, and best of luck to all in the Class B State Meet on Saturday!

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