The Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School Teachers and Ed Techs put together this great video for their students, telling them how much they miss them! If you have a child at Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, you should make sure they see this video!

We've talked about how hard this pandemic has been on parents and students, but it's been equally hard on teachers. Good teachers take pride in their students, they watch them grow up to be young men and women and they care and worry about them. Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School has great teachers, and you can see it in this video with their signs, and words.

One of the best traditions, and one I'm going to miss this year, is the Senior Salute. It's when graduating seniors head back to their sending elementary school, walking the halls to claps, high fives and hugs in their caps and gowns. Think these teachers don't care? You should see the hugs they give and the tears in their eyes.

Be kind! Be safe! Stay well! May we all be together soon!

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