Luckily, it didn't turn into "Are You Smarter Than a 4th Grader" because I think we all know how that would have worked out, but I was invited to spend a hour with Mrs. Schroeder's 4th Grade Class at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor on Thursday, February 1st.

Mrs Schroeder 4th Grade Class Pemetic School Southwest Harbor
Mrs Schroeder 4th Grade Class Pemetic School Southwest Harbor

The students were studying biographies and I was invited to come down and talk to them, about my "radio career" and the 16th Annual Ton of Pasta on Saturday, February 10th. The students had researched the event on the WDEA website, and come up with some great questions.

Former MDI Trojan Sara Carroll is working as an Ed Tech at Pemetic, and they had no idea she was a "star" player at MDI High School. I told a few Sara Carroll stories including my favorite of "Are We There Yet" when Sara would not stop asking if we were almost in Presque Isle! She finally stopped when Coach Barker told her if she asked one more time she wouldn't start the game!

The 4th Grade Class is working on an article for the School Newsletter and also are working hard to collect  pasta for the Ton of Pasta!

Here are the questions they had prepared

1. Did you start the pasta drive? If not, how did this pasta drive start?

2. Why in February?

3. Have you always been at the Ellsworth Hannaford for this pasta drive?

4. Do you have help each year at the Ellsworth Hannaford location?

5 How did you decide on the Emmaus Center and Loaves and Fishes> Do they share iwth other local food banks?

6. What are the other radio stations and their collection locations?

7. Where does the pasta go from the other 3 stations?

8. If the total is between 3 and 4 tons for all 4 radio stations, about how much do you collect in Ellsworth each year?

9. Here are some important details we gathered from your WDEA website about the Ton of Pasta

  • Started in 2003
  • February 10th at the Ellsworth Hannaford from 10AM to 2 PM
  • 4 radio stations "compete" to collect the most pasta
  • 3-4 Ton of Pasta collected each year
  • A pound of pasta feeds a family of 4

Then they asked the following work related questions

1. Did you go to school to become a radio announcer/broadcaster? If so where? How many years?

2. Did you go to school because you wanted this to be your career or was it just a hobby at first?

3. How did you get your job?

4. How many years have you worked for WDEA?

5. Have you always worked for them?

6. Is this your full time job? Do you have other jobs?

7. What do you like about your job>

8. Do you travel a lot for your job? What is the furthest you have ever traveled?

9. What do you consider one of your biggest achievements in your career?


Thanks for the fun time and thanks for your efforts in helping us collect a Ton of Pasta!

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