Here are the results from the AYS Softball and Baseball games on Wednesday May 11th and the schedule, Thursday - Saturday May 12th-14th. Keep your fingers crossed for no rain!

Results Wednesday May 11th
Major Softball Acadian Carter 7 TG Dunn Plumbing Riptide 4
Major Baseball Friend & Friend Giants 14 Acadian Akrem 8
Major Baseball R.F. Jordan and Sons Cardinals 17 Acadian James 6

Scheduled Game Thursday May 12th
Minor Baseball Acadian McKim vs. Acadian Grierson 5:30 PM

Scheduled Games Friday May 13th
Minor Baseball Acdian McKim vs. Grindel & Sons Rangers 5:30
Minor Baseball PCT Communications Red Sox vs. Acadian Haney 5:30
Major Softball Acadian Carter vs. E.L. Shea Thunder 5:30

Scheduled Games Saturday May 14th
Major Baseball Acadian Raymond vs. EBS RedSox 10 AM
Major Baseball Friend and Friend Giants vs Acadian James 10 AM
Minor Softball Corey Carter Inc Crush vs Acadian Grant 12 Noon
Major Baseball Acadian Ankrom vs. EBS Red Sox 12 Noon
Major Baseball R.F.Jordan and Sons Cardinals vs. Acadian James 12 Noon
Major Softball Acadian Carter vs. Moosabec 12 Noon
Major Baseball Acadian Ankrom vs. Acadian Raymond 2 PM
Major Softball Acadian Carter vs. Mossabec 2 PM
Minor Baseball NAPA Mets vs. Acadian McKim 4 PM
Minor Baseball Acadian Haney vs. Hancock Giants 4 PM