They looked like everyone else. Just four senior citizens taking a flight from Indianapolis to New Orleans. But when the passengers grew frustrated with sitting on the runway for an hour, this award winning singing group from Maine broke into song, and turned those frowns upside down.

The plane had been held for more than an hour, with the passengers on-board, as ground crews did some maintenance. After all that time, you have to figure that the passengers were getting antsy and tempers were getting short. But little did they know the treat they were about to receive.

The four elderly men make up the Port City Barbershop Quartet. Walt Dowling, Fred Moore, Jim Curtis, and Jim Simpson are a talented foursome, winning the Senior Quartet Championship for Maine and New Jersey. And when they got bored, they decided to sing.

Of course, in this day and age, you know that many on the plane whipped out their phones to take video. I mean, I would have! Check out the video, taken by a flight attendant, of how four Mainers pass the time and entertain a cabin full of suddenly delighted passengers. Way to go, guys!