Friday July 3rd 4:50 p.m. Update - Sally is safe and home!  Here's the story! We left food out for her and she started to hang around our house, but she would run away if she saw us. We told everyone in the neighborhood to just ignore her and not chase her or anything. She slowly got comfortable coming right up to our deck for food. Then we set a trap with some tasty sausages in it. She went in and ate the sausage without setting off the trap! So Ryan (the new owner) adjusted the trap and put a pillowcase over the trip plate and refilled the bowl. He took a nap and said he wouldn't wake up until she was in the cage. And voila, he woke up to her yelp! She is totally safe and sound.

Please be on the lookout for Sally! She's gone missing off the Seawall Road in Southwest Harbor. The problem is, is that Sally just was rescued from Texas and doesn't know her name!

Photo Ryan Blotnick
Photo Ryan Blotnick

She slipped out of the house on Thursday morning July 2nd. She slipped out the door and bolted into the neighbor's yard They are assuming she is hiding somewhere around Manset (The owners live at 153 Seawall Rd.) maybe under a shed or something because that is where she wanted to go when they first got her out of the car on July 1st. . If you see her please call Ryan 646-732-8761 or Keri 207-664-9291

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