The deadline for nomination papers to be turned in has passed and there will be new faces on the Ellsworth City Council, School Board and Library Trustees. The election is Tuesday, November 7th.

City Council

Incumbents Heather Grindle and John Phillips chose not to run for re-election. There are now 4 candidates running for 2 seats. On the ballot are (in alphabetical order)

  • Casey Hanson
  • Edward (Mathias) Kamin III
  • John D. Linnehan
  • Steven O'Halloran

School Board

The 1 year term of Jen Alexander's seat will be up for grabs, as Muneer Hasham, appointed by the Council, has chosen not to run. There is only 1 candidate on the ballot, and that is Tara Young

For the 3 year term on the ballot are

  • Abigail T. Miller (Incumbent)
  • Casey Hardwick
  • John Dudeck

Library Board of Trustees

Incumbent Ronald Fortier has chosen not to run for re-election, leaving 2 candidates for 2 spots.

  • S Craig MacDonald (Incumbent)
  • Kristen Onos
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