Jasper's Restaurant and Motel, an Ellsworth institution since its grand opening on Aug. 1, 1958, is in the process of being sold, according to Troy Adams, the president of Jasper's.

In the Dec. 19 Ellsworth City Council agenda, there is listed a public hearing on "Troy A. Adams d/b/a Jaspers Restaurant & Motel, 200 High Street, for a Lodging House License (only), this is a reclassification from the existing City Class A License (Victualer, Liquor, Amusement and Lodging."

In a Thursday telephone call, Adams said his victualer and liquor licenses expire on Dec. 18, but he is seeking an extension from the city council. He said he will then reapply for those licenses at the city council's Jan. 9 meeting.

If the Ellsworth City Council does not grant the extension before Sunday, the restaurant and lounge will not be able to open on Dec.19.

Adams stated that there is a signed contract, and that the closing for property -- including the hotel, restaurant and lounge -- is scheduled for March 5 or sooner. The delay is because they are unable to find a commercial appraiser to do the necessary work. Should the commercial appraisal be done sooner than March 5, then the sale can close, and the restaurant, lounge and motel will close upon completion of the sale.

Adams would not disclose who the buyers were, but did say that the property was being sold for over seven figures, and that he already had received a substantial down payment.

Jasper's has been open since January 1957, with three generations of the family owning and operating the establishment. Back in February 2015, Jasper's served its 5,000,000th customer.