Sweet, sticky, delicious Fluff turns 100 years old today. Did you know that anywhere from 5 to 7 millions pounds of Fluff are sold annually? Most is bought in New England and upstate New York but Fluff can be found worldwide. The famous Fluffernutter sandwich didn't really become popular until the 1960's when schoolchildren started begging their parents for "Fluffernutter" sandwiches.

Invented in 1917 by Montreal-born confectioner Archibald Query in his Somerville, MA home. Legend has it Query whipped up the first batches in his own kitchen before selling it door to door. After World War I there was a sugar shortage in the U.S., so Query sold the recipe for $500 to two war veterans, H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower.

The company moved to a factory in East Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1929 and began producing and selling Fluff, which they first named Toot Sweet Marshmallow Fluff.

The original recipe of Fluff hasn't changed in 100 years. Let's all have a Fluffernutter for lunch today!

Listen to the super-retro commercial below:

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