Ellsworth School Department Superintendent Dan Higgins sent out a letter to Parents and Guardians on Friday, April 10th announcing that remote learning will continue through the rest of the school year, and students will not be returning to campus for learning.

You can read the full letter HERE

Key takeaways

  • The School District is exploring creative alternatives (virtual, postponed or a combination of the 2) to traditional year-end student recognition and other activities that will provide appropriate and meaningful recognition of student accomplishments, achievements and milestones and closure to the school year for students, staff, families and community.
  • The meal pick-up for next week will be as follows at Ellsworth High School - Monday April 13 Meal Pickup 1 combined breakfast-lunch meal Tuesday April 14th 1 combined breakfast-lunch meal, Wednesday April 15th 3 combined breakfast-lunch meals, Friday April 17 7 combined breakfast-lunch meals.
  • Friday's bulk pickup will provide meals for the weekend and vacation week.
  • Families of ESD students in participating in the pick-up program are asked to call the Ellsworth High School Kitchen at 667-4722 extension 5525 by 8:30am each day you are going to pick up a meal.
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