The Boys High School Summer Basketball Season has begun, and will continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays through July 26th at Katsiaficas Gymnasium at Ellsworth High School. Basketball fans are welcome to attend, and admission is just $1.00. Food and refreshments are available for purchase. Here is the schedule.

Fans are required to wear masks through the end of June in the gym After July 1st, fans who are not fully vaccinated are strongly urged to wear masks.

Friday June 25

  • 5pm Jonesport Beals vs. Ellsworth II
  • 6 pm Jonesport Beals vs. Sumner
  • 7 pm Ellsworth vs. Searsport

Monday June 28

  • 5pm Ellsworth II vs Bucksport
  • 6pm MDI vs Sumner
  • 7pm Narraguagus vs. MDI II
  • 8pm GSA vs. Ellsworth

Wednesday June 30

  • 5 pm Ellsworth II vs. Searpsort
  • 6 pm MDI vs. GSA
  • 7pm MDI II vs. Sumner
  • 8pm. Ellsworth vs. Narraguagus

Monday July 5

  • 5 pm Narraguagus vs. Bucksport
  • 6pm Bucksport vs. GSA
  • 7pm. MDI II vs. Jonesport Beals
  • 8 pm Ellsworth vs. Narraguagus

Wednesday July 7

  • 5pm MDI II vs. Searsport
  • 6pm MDI vs. Ellsworth II
  • 7pm GSA vs. Narraguagus
  • 8pm Sumner vs. Narraguagus

Friday July 9

  • 5pm Ellsworth II vs. Ellsworth
  • 6pm Jonesport Beals vs. Searsport
  • 7pm Jonesport Beals vs. GSA
  • 8pm Sumner vs. GSA

Monday July 12

  • 5pm MDI II vs. GSA
  • 6pm MDI vs. Searsport
  • 7pm Bucksport vs. Ellsworth
  • 8pm Bucksport vs. MDI

Wednesday July 14

  • 5pm Searsport vs. Narraguagus
  • 6pm Searsport vs. Ellsworth II
  • 7pm MDI vs. Jonesport Beals
  • 8pm MDI II vs. Ellsworth II

Friday July 16

  • 5pm Sumner vs. Searsport
  • 6pm Narraguagus vs. Jonesport Beals
  • 7pm Ellsworth vs. GSA

Monday July 19

  • 5pm Ellsworth vs. Sumner
  • 6pm Narraguagus vs. MDI
  • 7pm Bucksport vs. MDI II
  • 8pm Bucksport vs. Jonesport Beals

Wednesday July 21

  • 5pm MDI II vs. Sumner
  • 6pm MDI vs. GSA
  • 7pm Ellsworth II vs. Jonesport Beals
  • 8pm Ellsworth vs. Bucksport

Monday July 26

  • 5pm Sumner vs. Bucksport
  • 5pm Bucksport vs. Searsport
  • 7pm Narraguagus vs. Ellsworth II
  • 8pm MDI II vs. Jonesport Beals

The Ellsworth Team is comprised of rising 11th and 12th graders while the Ellsworth II is comprised of rising 9th and 10th graders.

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