Long time Ellsworth City Clerk Heidi Grindle is leaving the City of Ellsworth, effective November 18th, after working for the City  for 25 years.

Grindle, began working part-time for the City in September 1996 and became a full-time employee in February, 1997. She has served as the secretary to the City Manager, Tax Clerk, Assistant Deputy Treasurer and as the City Clerk, since May of 2005.

She will be heading to Bar Harbor Bank and Trust, as Accounts Payable Manager.

When we spoke on Thursday, November 4th, Grindle cited the increasing pressure of the election cycle as a reason for her departure. The last election cycles have brought increased pressure, with the public's distrust, which has caused citizens to either directly or indirectly to question Grindle's integrity. Voting has become a much longer process, with absentee and early voting.

It has also been difficult to attract volunteers or paid poll workers to work at Ellsworth's 4 wards. By statue, the City needs a balance of Democrats and Republicans and with the fact that poll workers tend to be more elderly, this has proven to be harder and harder.

And there's no doubt that COVID and the precautions that City employees have had to take to protect themselves and others, including the most recent closure of City Hall has taken its toll.

The City Clerk is responsible for the licensing within the City, from dogs to marriages and business licenses as well as issuing hunting, fishing, ATV licenses and more. The City Clerk also oversees the election process and voter registration as well as being  responsible for recording of minutes from Council and committee meetings.

The City of Ellsworth is now accepting applicants for Heidi's successor. The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council.

When asked what she enjoyed most about working for the City for 25 years Grindle quickly replied the people! She's enjoyed her co-workers, her interaction with the Citizens of Ellsworth and business owners!

The City of Ellsworth will miss Heidi and I hope you will join me in thanking her for her 25 years and wish her much happiness in her new position.

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