Here is the bus information with routes and times for those taking the bus to Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School, Ellsworth High School and HCTC

Morning Pick Up

As we begin the new school year, please allow for a 15 minute time fluctuation as the driver moves along the route during the first few days of school. Start times are as listed.

Bus #1 Mike Cummings   Starts at Green Lake fish Hatchery at 6:42 am.  Picks up on Rt 180 to the Gary Moore Rd.  Loops around to Rt 180 and continues down to Bridge Twin Rd, Eagle Rd to HCTC.  Picks up at Fieldstone Way to the schools.

Bus #2  Nicky Pierson   Starts at Card Brook at 6:35 am.  Picks up on Bayside Rd to Beechland Rd.  Drives to Trenton Town Line and picks up coming back.  Picks up on Alton Ave, Gameston Park to Beechland Rd.  Picks up Beechland Rd, Stoney Ridge Rd, Grandview, Deerfield to Beechland.  Crosses Rt 3 to the Buttermilk Rd.

Bus #3  Peter Remick   Starts at the bus garage at 6:15 am.  First pickup at 1011 Happytown Rd at 6:40.  Picks up on the Happytown Rd to the Winkumpaugh Rd, Hanson’s Landing to Rt 1A at 6:55 am.  Picks up on the Bangor Rd to the Autumn Rd and Tamarac Rd.  Continues on Rt 1A to Branch Pond Rd.  Continues on Rt 1A to the schools.

Bus #4  Dan Morse   Starts at the Bucksport Rd Weigh Station at 6:38 am.  Picks up at the Woodland Rd and Hagen’s Elbow. Turns around at Gilbert Well Drilling and picks up on the Bucksport Rd coming into town.  Picks up on Abbie Rd and Christian Ridge to Anderson Ave, Guptill Farm Way to Rt 1A and drops off at EHS and EEMS.

Bus #5  Drew Turner  Leave the bus garage at 6:28 am.  First pickup on Atlantic Highway, continues on the Happytown Rd turning at Boat Launch Rd.  Returns to Rt 1 to the Orland town line.  Picks up on the Twin Hills Rd and North Bend Road before heading to the schools.

Bus #6  Joyce Young  Leave the bus garage at 6:25 am  Begin picking up on Rt 1A from the Red Bridge Rd to Nicolin Rd.  Pickup on Nicolin Rd and Red Bridge Rd, Mill Dam Rd, Grant St to State Street.  Moore Center to the schools.

Bus #7  Andrea Reed  Leave Josey’s Store at 6:45 am.  Drive to Surry town line, turn and pickup on the return to town.  Hillside Drive, Mountain View Drive, Westwood Drive to Franklin St, Pine St, Hancock St, Main St, Spruce St, Hancock St,  Washington St, Water St to the schools.

Bus #8  Jackie Wyeth  Leave the bus garage at 6:15 am and drive to the Waltham town line, turn and pickup on the way into town through Fletcher’s Landing, Patriot Way, North St to EHS.  Pick up on East Main St, McKenzie Ave, Spencer St, E Main St, McDonald Ave, Union St, Maddocks Ave Oak St to the schools.

Bus #9  David McDevitt   Leave the bus garage at 6:40 am.  Pickup on Rt 3 cross Myrick St to High St.  Pickup up on Foster St, Water St to Deane St and Edgewood Way.  Pickup and turn at “the Meadows.”  Pickup on Hancock St and Water St. Pick up along outer Eastern Rd to the City Garage.  Return to town and pickup up at Bridge Hill, lower State St, Central St, Wood St and Jude Lane dropping off at the schools.

Bus #13  Bill Nelson Leave the bus garage at 6:20 am and pickup the Ed Techs at EEMS.  Pickup assigned students on the North Bend Rd, Bucksport Rd, Surry Rd, Grant St. Red Bridge Rd, and Christian  Rd to Rt 1A.  Pick up on Lakes Lane, Davis St, Birch Ave, Parcher St, Park St, Bayview Ave,  Union St, Beals Ave, Church St, Central St, Argonne St, Western Ave and Holt Drive continuing to the schools.

Bus #17  Dwayne Bradford  Leave the bus garage at 6:50 am and pick up students at the Woodland Estates Mobile Home Park at 7:00 am.  The second stop is at Bridge Hill Apartments at about 7:10 am.  The bus continues onto the Surry Rd and stops at Edaco Court at about 7:15 am.  The YMCA Daycare on Beechland Rd is next at about 7:20 am and the final stop is Straw Way Apartments on Water Street at about 7:25 am.  The bus then continues to the schools for drop off.


Afternoon Drop Off

There are three runs for student drop off at the end of the day.  Please be patient with us as we navigate this process. 

First Run for Buses: 

  • Bus 1 Mike Cummings  High School Drop off and Shore Road
  • Bus 2 Nicky Pierson Moore Center Drop Off
  • Bus 3 Peter Remick  Bangor Road and Branch Lake Road
  • Bus 4 Dan Morse  Moore Center Drop Off
  • Bus 5 Drew Turner Seaport, Bridge Hill, North Bend Road
  • Bus 6 Joyce Young Grant Street, Red Bridge Road
  • Bus 7 Andrea Reed Oak Street, Birch Ave, Main St, Spruce Street Hancock Street, Pine St. Washington St. (includes Oriole way), Water Street and Franklin Street.
  • Bus 8 Jackie Wyeth Oak Street starting at 107, Main St. Spencer st. Carlisle Street McDonald Ave, Union Street, Maddocks Ave, American Way.
  • Bus 9 David McDevitt Central Street, State Street, Foster Street including (Ruth Way), Douglas Highway, High Street, Edgewood Street, Deane Street
  • Bus 13 Bill Nelson Argonne Street, Western Ave, Holt Drive, Brae Drive, Birch Ave, Fox Ave, Parcher Street, Bayview Avenue, Beals Ave.
  • Bus 17 Dwayne Bradford Beechland YMCA, Straw Way, Edaco Court


Second Run for Buses:


  • Bus 1 Mike Cummings Boggy Brook, Route 180 that includes Eagle Road, Bridge Twin Road, Garland Road, Milky Way, Noah’s Way, Gary Moore Road, Northeast Cove Way.


  • Bus 2 Nicky Pierson Bayside road past Gameston Park, Alton Ave, Marion Way, Grand view, Buttermilk Road


  • Bus 3 Peter Remick Bangor Road Beyond Branch Lake, Autumn Road, Bangor Road, Winkumpaugh Road, Hansen’s Landing, Happy Town Road


  • Bus 4 Dan Morse Bangor Road, Lakes Lane, Christrian Ridge Road, Guptil Farm Way, Infant Street, Gladwick Way, Alison Road


  • Bus 5 Drew Turner Twin Hill Road, Happy Town Road (below 500), Trumbull Way, Patton Way, Indigo Way,


  • Bus 6 Joyce Young Bangor Road (Start 900-1200), Nicolin Road, Upper Boggy Brook Road


  • Bus 7 Bill Nelson Bridge Hill Surry Side, Laurel Street, Westwood Drive, Hillside Drive, Mountain View Drive, Acorn Way, Colby Way, Joy Way, Barrett Way, Windsor Way


  • Bus 8 Jackie Wyeth North Street, Sennett  Drive, Patriot Way,  Hallbrook Drive, Fletchers Landing


  • Bus 9 David McDevitt Hancock Street, East Main Street to city garage
  • Bus 13 Andrea Reed  Church Street between Oak and School, State Street, May Flower Way,


  • Bus 17 Dwayne Bradford Bridge Hill Apartments, Woodland, Travis Court, Amanda Lane, Ladybug Lane


Third Run for Buses:

  • Bus 2 Nicky Pierson   Outer Bayside Road beyond Gameston Park, Alton Avenue to Trenton Town Line Beechland Road, includes, Stonybrook Way, Grandview and Buttermilk Road
  • Bus 4 Dan Morse   Bucksport Road from Christian Ridge Road includes Woodland Road, Hagans Elbow, Addie Road, Dollard Farm Way and Catherine Avenue stopping at North Bend Road

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