The Football Classification Committee met today, January 31st, and approved a 4 Class System along with  a 8 Man Large and 8 Man Small Division. This now goes to the Classification Committee next week for approval.

As it stands now, MDI will play in Class C North 11 Man Football, and Ellsworth will play in the 8 Man Large School Divisions. One big thing that came our of the Football Classification Committee meeting was the return to Crabtree Points, which rewards strength of schedule, as opposed to the Heal Point System which was used last year.

The enrollment cutoffs for 2020-21 are 780 plus for Class A, 555-779 for Class B, 420-554 for Class C and 0-419 for Class D. 8 Man Large are for schools with enrollments over 351 and 8 Man Small are for those with less than 350.

The Class C North Division would consist of 8 Teams

  1. MDI - 531 students
  2. Waterville - 516 students
  3. Hermon - 508 students
  4. Belfast - 505 students
  5. Old Town - 503 students
  6. John Bapst -465 students
  7. Winslow - 438 students
  8. MCI - 433 students

Nokomis the Class C State Champions who played in Class C North last year are slated to play in Class B North. Oceanside who played in Class C North last year is being shifted to Class B South, and Medomak Valley, who also played in Class C North are now going to be in Class B South.

There is no word yet on schedules for the 2020 season, nor how many teams would make the playoffs.


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