No one said that local businesses had Oscar-worthy television commercials. In fact, they're especially corny and often times produced on a super low budget, but we love them because they're so perfectly Maine. These five Maine commercials are the most iconic of them all. Do you have a favorite Maine commercial that should make the list?

1. FIVE BUCKS! from Levinsky's

Wow! Check out this top of the line video production featuring images of Lewinsky's finest Levi Jeans and chamois shirts!

2. Hammond Cheese, Hammond Eggs from Hammond Lumber

Hammond cheese... Hammond eggs... Hammond Lumber!

3. A Maine Adventure from Reny's

Reny's keeps producing these 10-second hits with their iconic jingle.

4. No Line is Safe to Touch from CMP

To be fair, this isn't the original (it's hard to find in decent quality on the internet) but who hasn't quoted Mr. CMP's best line, "No line is safe to touch... EVAH."

5. Route One Wiscasset from Big Al's

He's a character and he's got tons of junk I MEAN GOODIES at his massive warehouse store on Route One in Wiscasset. You'll never forget the address after watching a few Big Al's commercials.

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