On Thursday, August 18, at the Southwest Harbor Planning Board Meeting, one of the items on the agenda is public comment on an application from Holly Masterson/David Horner to construct an 18-hole miniature golf course.

It would be located at 55 Main Street in the B zone and identified as tax map 012 lot 062.

I spoke with Holly on Thursday morning via text as she was out fishing, as I was very intrigued about the project. Here's what she told me.

Photo Holly Masterson
Photo Holly Masterson

G O L F  O F  M A I N E

An 18-hole mini golf course, inspired by decades of fishing stories and experiences from local fishermen David Horner and Holly Masterson. Journey through 18-holes of mini golf and learn about traditional fishing methods, while getting to know the creatures that call the Gulf of Maine home.


Fishing together in the Gulf of Maine has inspired Holly and David to share their many sea stories from harvesting lobsters, scallops, shrimp and groundfish with visitors of Mount Desert Island.  By playing an 18-hole round of mini golf, guests will experience a fun way to learn about the Gulf of Maine and gain appreciation for coastal communities and fisherman, while getting up close and personal with live sea creatures.

Visitors to Mount Desert Island are looking for unique & inexpensive things to do.  From small children to elderly adults, those that visit MDI want to be close to the ocean and want to learn about the thriving Gulf of Maine. The Golf of Maine will provide a fun, inspiring and learning adventure through miniature golf, food trucks and a small gift shop, at an affordable price and will provide lasting memories and knowledge from their trip to Southwest Harbor..

The proposed course will feature 18-holes, each inspired by various local sea creatures and fishing practices. Fact boards, signs, interactive experiences, touch tanks and displays will represent the traditional ways of seafood harvesting and historical facts about the coastal region of Maine.

Local vendors that have products, relative to the Golf of Maine theme will be able to  have their products in the gift shop! They will have live lobsters for sale and a touch tank!  The plan is for it to be a super fun place to visit and they’ve been working very diligently pulling all the aspects of the plans together.

The company installing the golf course is Harris Miniature Gollf out of Pennsylvania. Holly and David have visited courses designed by them in New Jersey and the foreman visited the site last month to make final adjustments to the course site plan. They hope to start construction this fall and complete installation in the spring with hopes of opening May 2023

Note in the original story, we said that the Public Hearing would be on Thursday September 18th. It will in fact be on Thursday, August 18th. We apologize for the error.

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