A Florida woman used the live-stream app 'Periscope' to broadcast video of herself driving drunk.

23-year-old Whitney Beall started out by filming herself drinking in a bar. She then got into her vehicle and spent more than an hour driving around the city of Lakeland. As you can see in the video, she says over and over again how drunk she is and that she's driving drunk.

Police logged onto Periscope and used local landmarks to determine her location after receiving multiple 911 calls from people who were watching her online. Thankfully, no one was hurt and no serious damage was done. You can, however, clearly see her hitting a road sign during the video.

The video is frightening, however it acts as an excellent reminder to never, ever drink and drive. Kudos to the people who called police rather than sit and laugh at this woman who risked her own life and the lives of others. And to the police who used Periscope to locate and apprehend her.