If you travel regularly between Ellsworth and Brewer you know how crazy drivers are on Route 1A. The Maine State Police on Wednesday, April 3rd conducted a proactive traffic enforcement detail in Dedham.

During that time they stopped 85 vehicles and issued 70 warnings. They wrote 21 tickets and issued 1 criminal summons.

I get it! I drive it! I have often said to my car "let's go home" and the next thing I know I'm in Lucerne, or if I'm driving down to Ellsworth/Bar Harbor, I'm in Ellsworth Falls.

Buckle up, drive the speed limit, don't text and drive.

Please read the Open Letter to those Who Drive Route 1A Between Brewer and Ellsworth written by my former colleague DJ Fred. Even though it was written on September 3, 2021, it is still as relevant today as it was nearly 3 years ago! He says it best "I don’t want to die on Route 1A. Please help a commuter out."

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