We're always posting videos of animals doing cute and amazing things. So I  thought I'd change it up a bit today with a video of dogs who just don't 'get' the game of fetch. They're still super-cute and very funny!

When I think of 'fetch' it always reminds me of Jim's dog Floyd. When I first met him he was already quite old. One evening when Jim was busy playing video games, I picked up one of Floyd's toys and threw it. Jim told me not to bother because he stopped playing fetch years ago. His next words were, 'Did he just chase that?!" Floyd and I were fast friends after that and played the game often although, after a couple years, it got to the point where I would just roll the ball to him and he'd grab it in his mouth.

Pernicus loves fetch and will actually bring balls to me when I'm watching TV and drop them in my lap. The whole 'catch food in your mouth when I throw it' thing, though? Nope. Doesn't even try.

These dogs are fetch-challenged and catching-food challenged. But they're just so darn adorable! Watch for the one with the giant red ball or the bulldog and the football. Those two made me laugh out loud! And the poor black lab at the end has to be thinking 'Daddy, I'm good...but not THAT good!"