Is there such a thing as too much coffee?  We think not.

KGI Properties is the company that owns the Ellsworth Shopping Center, the property with Shaw's Supermarket, Reny's Department Store, Martha's Diner, Wicked Munchies, and Wendy's within it.

They'd like to build a new coffee shop there as well.

Reps from KGI Properties have filed a building permit application with the City of Ellsworth and a traffic movement permit application with the Maine Department of Transportation, according to the Ellsworth American.

The applications call for a 2,250-square-foot coffee shop at 151 High Street.

Now that the Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce has moved in between Martha's Diner and the Barber Shop, we're guessing that the new coffee shop will be built somewhere around where the now vacated Chamber building sits.  A visit to the KGI Properties website lists a pad on that part of the parking lot as being roughly the same size as what's on the two applications that were filed.

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Nobody's talking though when it comes to the name of or the company that will own the newly proposed coffee shop, or what it will offer for that matter.

But unlike banks, auto parts stores and places to order a handful of chicken nuggets, we just can't seem to get enough coffee.  Really.

Currently there's 3 Dunkin's in town, an Aroma Joe's, along with many one-stops and fine restaurants serving up the brew on a daily basis.  But, too much is never enough when it comes to tasty caffeinated beverages, or sugar coated doughnuts as well.  Pair the two up and our day is made.

The applications state that it'll be a cafe with a drive-thru, and that's good because we'd hate to have to park and get out, and then walk in.

No word at this point as to when the MDOT or the Ellsworth Planning Board will approve or not, but we're banking on a yes vote from both.

After all, it is coffee.

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