In these days of replay, it's very unusual to have one of those good old fashioned manager-umpire arguments. Saturday night in Fenway, it was a throwback, with Red Sox manager John Farrell and crew chief John Miller really getting into it. Farrell ended up getting ejected, for the 1st time this season and 17th time in his career.

According to the pool reports from the umpires to AP's Ken Powtak

It started off that Abad had started and stopped before stepping off the back of the rubber. The Red Sox argument was that time had been called by the home plate umpire before he balked. John came out and asked Ryan Blakney what he had, and Ryan told him that he had the balk before he called time.
When he came to me and we discussed it, we got together as a crew and Ryan told us what he had. We went back to John and told him the balk happened before time was called. John didn’t accept that answer and he was quite adamant that time had been called first and therefore the balk should have been nullified. After that he just decided to argue and poked me in the chest. That’s why he was ejected.


Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox had the chance to tie it in the 9th inning, but left the bases loaded

David Price took the loss for the Red Sox and is now 2-2. He went 6.0 innings allowing 3 runs on 6 hits, striking out 5 and walking 1. Fernando Abad went 0.2 innings allowing 2 runs, including the run scoring balk.

Mitch Moreland hit his 10th homer of the season for Boston. Mookie Betts was 1-4 with his 25th double of the season, he leads the American League.

The Red Sox and Angels play the final game of the 3 game series Sunday afternoon with the pregame starting at 12:50 and 1st pitch at 1:35 on AM 1370 WDEA.

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