WDEA's Chris Popper sat down with Cornell Knight, the Town Manager of Bar Harbor to discuss the new Parking Policy and Permit system that will go into effect May 15th through October 31st. Knight answered questions for a half hour, including questions that residents emailed Popper for him to ask the Town Manager

They talk enforcement, issuing of permits, how it's done and what is needed. How much money the parking and permit fees are expected to generate, how much the system costs, what the Parking Fund money can be used for and more. The history of the discussions about Parking, and what happens next

The permit portal is NOT up and running yet. Once it is, we will post the information so you can go and register for permits.

If you have further questions you are encouraged to email members of the Bar Harbor Town Council at council@barharbormaine.gov

And thanks to the Bar Harbor Congregational Church for this great PSA


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