Principals Rhonda Fortin from the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor and Jandrea True from the Tremont Consolidated School in Tremont/Bass Harbor joined WDEA's Chris Popper to talk about the proposed Tremont-Southwest Harbor joint pre-K program planned for 2021.

The proposed joint pre-K program has been approved by the Southwest Harbor and Tremont School Boards and are awaiting approval by voters at the respective Southwest Harbor and Tremont Town Meetings (May 5th for Tremont and June 5th for Southwest Harbor).

If approved the Pre-K program would be based at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor. Students from one town would go to school half the year in the morning and then in the afternoon while students from the other town would go to school half the year in the afternoon and then in the morning the other half year.

Principals Fortin and True talked about the importance of Pre-K. As of April 16th there was a possibility of 7 Tremont students and 8 Southwest Harbor students, but those numbers could grow. Parents would need to register their children when and if the programs are approved by voters.

The Principals talked about the curriculum. Busing would be provided to and from the Pemetic School.


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