There aren't many better at telling a story than Paul Harvey. He hit it out of the park with this tribute to police officers.

Police Officers normally meet us in the worst of circumstance. They are the one that we turn to when we have been hurt or in need. Nowadays, they need to have a degree in counseling, because we keep turning our mentally ill lose. We expect them to drive like crazy, with their blue lights flashing, siren blaring, to get to a situation, and then to calmly assess the situation and make decisions even though their adrenaline is racing. They work long days and nights, in all extremes of weather, and then have to get back up the next day and do it all over again. They leave their families when the phone rings, to help others in need. And they do all this, in a society that has become increasingly more armed and dangerous.

So thank you. Thanks for all that you do, and for keeping us safe.