MDI High School Class of 2009 graduate (Mariah) Hannah Gray has just published her first book "Chasing Sunshine" a new adult sports romance. It's available for download on Amazon on Kindle Unlimited, Kindle downloads and Amazon. She sat down for a virtual interview with WDEA's Chris Popper on Friday morning

From Amazon "For Trent Kade, it’s pretty simple. Get drafted into the NFL and escape the shadow of his spiteful father. Eyes forward, no distractions. That is, until Cameran Steele crashes into his life, and suddenly, all of those self-made rules get thrown out the window after one look into her sad blue eyes. He knows she’s running from something, and he wants to be her escape. But what happens when the one who might be his exception pushes him away?

Cameran Steele has experienced her fair share of tragedy and heartache. When she lost her parents at the age of seventeen, she thought it couldn’t get much worse. Boy, was she wrong. After escaping her own personal hell four years later, she finds herself at New England University, eager for a fresh start. Her eyes are on the prize—graduation and a better life for herself. Nothing can get in her way. But when a cocky and persistent football player sets his eyes on her, she struggles not to give in. She knows he’s the one without a doubt in her mind. But sometimes, even the right one comes along at the wrong time."

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