The 9-1 MDI Trojans will play the 9-1 Wells Warriors on Saturday, November 19th at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland for the Class C Championship Game. Wells, the number 2 seed, defeated the number 1 seed Cape Elizabeth Capers 27-14 in the Class C South Title Game. Wells' only loss was to Cape Elizabeth on October 21st 13-7.

The time of the game will be announced on Monday, and will be updated here. Advance ticket sales will be available at MDI High School and the schedule when they will be sold will also be updated here Monday.

The game will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA and WDEA Internet Radio and also on TV on Channel 5.

Here are the driving directions from the Eagle Lake Road in Bar Harbor to Fitzpatrick Stadium, 156 Deering Avenue in Portland. It is a 3 hour drive from Bar Harbor

1. Start out going west on Eagle Lake Rd/ME-233 toward Mountain Ave.

Then 5.07 miles 5.07 total miles

2. Turn right onto Sound Dr/ME-3/ME-198.

Then 1.37 miles 6.44 total miles

3. Turn right onto Main St/ME-198/ME-102. Continue to follow ME-198/ME-102.

Then 4.22 miles 10.66 total miles

4. Turn left onto State Highway 3/ME-3. Continue to follow ME-3.

Then 7.85 miles 18.50 total miles

5. Turn right onto Myrick St/ME-3.

Myrick St is 0.3 miles past Buttermilk Rd

Then 0.42 miles 18.92 total miles

6. Turn left onto Downeast Hwy/US-1 S/ME-3. Continue to follow US-1 S/ME-3.

Then 1.54 miles 20.46 total miles

7. Stay straight to go onto Oak St/US-1 Alt S. Continue to follow US-1 Alt S.

Then 20.02 miles 40.48 total miles

8. US-1 Alt S becomes US-1A S.

Then 3.07 miles 43.55 total miles

9. Merge onto I-395 W toward I-95/Bangor.

Then 4.99 miles 48.54 total miles

10. Merge onto I-95 S via EXIT 1A toward Newport (Portions toll).

Then 79.59 miles 128.13 total miles

11. Merge onto I-295 S via EXIT 103 toward ME-9/ME-126/Gardiner/Brunswick (Portions toll).

Then 47.09 miles 175.22 total miles

12. Take the US-302/ME-100/Forest Ave exit, EXIT 6B.

Then 0.23 miles 175.45 total miles

13. Turn right onto Forest Ave/US-302 W/ME-100.

Arby's is on the right

Then 0.09 miles 175.54 total miles

14. Take the 1st left onto Bedford St.

Bedford St is just past Hannaford Plz

If you reach Bank Rd you've gone a little too far

Then 0.27 miles 175.81 total miles

15. Turn slight right onto Brighton Ave.

Brighton Ave is just past Surrenden St

Then 0.11 miles 175.92 total miles

16. Turn sharp left onto Deering Ave/ME-25.

If you reach Woodmont St you've gone a little too far

Then 0.27 miles 176.18 total miles

17. 156 DEERING AVE is on the right.

Your destination is just past Washburn Ave

If you reach Deering Oaks you've gone a little too far