Earlier this week I had the thrilling opportunity to accompany wildlife biologists with the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Department as they checked in on bear dens and collected biological data to asses the health of the bear population.

On the way out of the woods I was thanking them for the opportunity, and I joked and said, "Hey, why wasn't I invited along with the moose muggers?"

We all chuckled and agreed that was a pretty cool story, too.

The moose muggers are tough rodeo-trained, out-of-state contracted workers who we reported about at the end of January. Basically, they're taking part of a five-year long research project in Northern Maine tracking the health of Maine’s moose population.

As it turns out, one of the moose muggers got a lesson in payback and got his "butt kicked!"

Guess I'm glad mama bear and her yearlings didn't wake up too soon.