Today, Friday, March 15th is Maine's 204th Birthday! If you're looking for something fun to do tonight with your children, maybe you can make some cupcakes or birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Maine tonight at dinner! Just be sure you don't start "Are You 1... Are You 2... Are You 3..." Because you'll be there all night counting to 204!

Here are some resources to learn about Maine The Secretary of State's Page is designed specifically for children and includes a Chickadee Jumble and a 8 page coloring book

I have been blessed to call the State of Maine my home since 1985. When we first moved here, I never thought that we'd still be here 39 years later, but now I really can't imagine living anywhere else.

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And in honor of Maine's 204th Birthday, check out these things that Mainers just have to explain to people "from away"

25 Things That Mainers Have to Explain to People From Far Away

Mainers have to explain a lot to people from far away. Here is what they have to mention often.

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