Get that popcorn ready... You know you're from Maine when you can instantly recognize these Maine commercials! Some old ones, a few new ones, but they all just SCREAM Maine! Did we forget any? Let us know!

5 - WCSH 6 Alive! 1992 News Team Promo

We love our friends over at WCSH6! How many of these faces do you recognize? Most of them are still there!

4 - Big Al's! Rowwwt 1, Wiscasset!

Love ya Al! Does "route" really rhyme with trout, though? We'll see you soon... we're headin' ovah for some of that free coffee!

3 - Bangor Car Care Pahhhhty Guy!

COME JOIN THE PAHHHHHHTY!!! Anyone who's from Bangor, has ever lived in the Bangor area, or went to school at UMaine remembers Glen the Car Care guy! His commercials have gone down in Maine history as some of the wackiest!

2 - The Lovely Marden's Lady!

Who doesn't LOVE the Marden's Lady?! Birdie Googins hasn't been in any Marden's commercials for a while now, but we'll always remember that smile and the reminders about how amazing the deals are at Maine's favorite surplus and salvage store!

1 - Bangor Savings Bank's Christmas Kittens!

The most classic of all Maine commercials goes to....

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