Everyone knows German Shepherds make great guard dogs for humans. But sometimes animals have to stick together and this German Shepherd named Sami feels she needs to protect her lobster from her humans. 

Sami makes it clear she doesn't want to share her new pal with anyone or any dog. She flashes a big white set of teeth at other canine intruders and tries to conceal the clawed critter under her huge arms and paws.

Sami's owner, from New Hampshire said:

 "My wonderful German Shepherd, Sami, has always had a motherly side to her even though she has never had puppies of her own.I've seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake. However, we were very surprised to see her act protective over one of the lobsters we had planned to eat for a lobster dinner.

The video is adorable, yes, but am I the only one who thinks Sami might have wanted to also eat her friend?