The Ellsworth Police Department shared on their Facebook Page the following notice from the Ellsworth Water Department!

As of 4 PM on Thursday September 8th all Ellsworth Water Department Consumers are directed to boil all water! All water should be boiled for at least 5 minutes before drinking, making ice cubes, washing foods, brushing teeth or in any other activity involving consumption of water.

This order is to remain in effect until further notice! Questions regarding this should be directed to Larry Wilson, Superintendent of the Ellsworth Water Department at 667-8632 or the State of Maine Drinking Water Program at 287-2070

According to the Ellsworth American;s Facebook page, this is a result of a construction crew hitting a water main on State Street

5:10 PM Update The Ellsworth City Hall Page says this boil water order applies to the following streets

From 261 State Street North
Shore Road
Cooks Lane
Pump Station Point
Fieldstone Road
Grindle Road
Forrest Avenue
Argonne Street
Brae Drive
Holt Drive
Industrial Road
Lakes Lane
North Street
Commerce Park
Old Mill Road
Sennett Way
Danico Lane
Boggy Brook Road
Wittum Road
Witchita Way
Pond Avenue
Up to 279 Bangor Road