On Friday, June 12th the 8th Grade Class of the Trenton Elementary School will be promoted at 5:30 p.m. Like most of the area schools, their graduation/promotion will be a drive-in, with attendance limited. We want to congratulate the class and share what will be happening with the community, including a song by the Show Choir.

The Show Choir members did a song from their show which they sang and recorded individually and was put together as a chorus by their music directors Mrs. deKoning and Bronwyn from the high school.

Thanks to Principal Mike Zboray for sending along all the information.

The Trenton 8th grade teachers are Mr. Murdoch and Mrs. Brezezowski

The following 8th graders are being promoted

  • Miles Patrick Burr
  • Cassidy Mackenzie Courchesne
  • Aiden Jakob Dow
  • Dorothy Lynn Durgin
  • Chase Girard
  • Rayna Willow Gott
  • Caleb Robert Guess
  • Cody Georgia Henderson
  • McKenzie Hunt-Bankole
  • Sharyn Elizabeth Lipski
  • Aiden James Mitchell
  • Olivia Catherine Pratt
  • Tomas Allen Waite
  • Olivia Grace Winger

The following is information about the Ceremony and was sent to parents of the 8th graders.

Arrival and Parking

  • Parking will begin around 5:00pm.  We will have someone to escort you to park in order to properly space cars.
  • Please park in the designated spot on the map so students are all in the front row.
  • 2nd cars can be just behind or staggered for optimal viewing and cheering!
  • Hard copies of programs will be printed and available when you enter to park.
  • Facilities are NOT open, so bathrooms are not available.


The school has hired a photographer who will be available to parents to take pictures before during and after the ceremony. Mrs. Lambert will also be filming which we will send to families with the slide show and song.


Mr. Z, Mr. Murdoch, Mrs. Brzezowski and Board Chair Jenifer Bonilla will be behind the “stage” physically distanced of course.

  • The ceremony will start at 5:30
  • Welcome, Show Choir Song
  • Receiving Promotion Certificates - Board Chair Jennifer Bonilla
    • When the students’ name is called, they will walk with their family to the “stage” and present their parents/guardian with a flower, a photo will be taken of the family together.  After they give the flower to their parent, Jennifer Bonilla will share a short anecdote written by their teachers. The student will then pick up their certificate and gift bag at which time parents can take a picture of them. Students will then exit past the mascot toward the tree with the bench to pose with their certificate. Before returning to the vehicle. While one family is returning to the vehicle, the next will be called.
  • When returning to the vehicle students and families should go around the outside of all vehicles in order to not obstruct the view or cross paths with the next student being recognized and their family.
  • Concluding Remarks and Thank You
  • Families who would like a photo with the banner (you’ll see) can head to the exit in their car and do so.



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