If you're not taking advantage of your baby's pliability and lack of motor control skills to pose them for silly photographs, frankly we don't understand why you even had kids. If for no other reason than to post a picture of your kid to Facebook every once in a while that is actually entertaining, instead of just sharing "the magic" of a 10-month-old eating pie. Of course they like it -- it's pie.

If you find yourself coming up short on clever ideas for things to make your baby do for the camera (which you should obviously be doing -- they aren't going to let you once they're teenagers), may we suggest "baby mugging." The baby doesn't even have to do anything. All you have to do is hold a coffee cup over them to play with perspective and not accidentally dump a hot cup of joe on your baby, and voila! You've got a hilarious baby picture sure to garner plenty of likes so you can get that social media validation you so desperately crave. Here are some examples.

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