Following Monday night's AOS 91 Board Meeting where the decision was made to start 100 percent remote learning, WDEA's Chris Popper sat down with AOS 91 Superintendent Dr. Marc Gousse to get an update on plans

After the interview, Dr. Gousse forward the following email regarding neck gaiters

MDIRSS Schools won't be allowing single-layer gaiter/pull-up, bandanas, or knitted masks.  We'll be allowing 2-3 ply cloth masks, surgical masks, and N-95s.  Some N-95 masks have valves and those will not be allowed.

During the interview we spoke about schools needing supplies. The following was sent from Jandrea True, the principal of Tremont Consolidated. Should parents wish to donate any of these supplies, they should be directed to building principals. Items should be new, and unopened

Photo Tremont Consolidated School
Photo Tremont Consolidated School

The hope is that we can continue these weekly interviews and expand to include different building principals

(Please excuse the Great Danes barking in the last 3-4 minutes of the video. The mailman came, the trash was picked up, someone dared to walk in the road.. the list goes on! The joys of working from home! )

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