Congratulations to the Acadians who are the District 1 Champions and will play in the State Junior Little League Tourney beginning on Friday July 29th at Mansfield Stadium in Bangor.

Photo AYS
Photo AYS

The Acadians are managed by Travis Tripp and coached by Moran Black and Travis Mace. Members of the Acadians include

  • Brady Baldridge
  • Luke Davis
  • Alex Roos
  • Owen Dwyer
  • Luca McCune
  • Jack Backman
  • Wells Morehouse
  • Tysen Mace
  • Allister Frongillo
  • Preston Tripp
  • Griffin Cole
  • Warrick Black
  • Colin Sullivan
  • Gunner Vines

Hampden Little League are the District 3 Champions and will also be playing in the Tourney.

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