We remain under a Winter Storm Warning from 11AM on Tuesday March 13th through Wednesday, March 14h at 2PM with snowfall expected around 18 inches with some localized amounts up to 22 inches. Most schools chose the option of an early release for Tuesday, March 13th, and now our attention turns to Wednesday March 14th.

So, knowing that the storm is going to continue throughout the night into Wednesday, it's time for you to strap on your superintendent hat and make the call. Will there be a snow day or a delay for the start on Wednesday, March 14th?

Here are some things to help you.
Last year, I asked Dr. Gousse the Superinitendent of AOS 91 to explain the process of how he determines if there will be a delay or cancellation.

You can check the snow day calculator and see what they say. I am going out on a limb and predicting NO school for Wednesday, March 14th for most of Eastern and Downeast Maine, Note - This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of actual superintendents who will make the final call. Check back to our website as we will have the latest on delays and cancellations for Tuesday, March 13th and Wednesday, March 14th.

Yesterday I asked you to predict if there was going to be No school or an early release for today, March 13th. 56% of you correctly predicted there would be early releases.

So tell me... Snow Day or Delay for Wednesday, March 14th?

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