Maine High Schools typically have 2 sets of uniforms for their teams, a home set which is white, and a dark (colored) set for away games. But after reading the article about the National Women's Soccer League Orlando Pride's decision to move away from white shorts, I'm convinced that Maine high schools should follow suit!

Now, if you're a male, you're probably saying why would you even suggest this? But, this move is part of a growing awareness within professional sports of the stress white ensembles may cause athletes when they're on their periods. And now, you're probably thinking well that makes sense. And if you're a female, you're probably thinking what took you so long to suggest this!

It seems that recently participation levels have decreased in high school sports. MDI hasn't fielded a JV Girls Soccer Team in a couple of years. The number of girls participating in basketball at MDI High School was the lowest in recent years. Is it solely due to wearing white shorts at home? Absolutely not, but shouldn't we be doing everything possible to make young girls comfortable on the court or on the field?

In broadcasting basketball games for 18 years, this has never been discussed. I know that there's been discussions regarding the spandex/shorts of the girls volleyball uniforms.

But shouldn't this be a discussion? Should AD's be having discussions with the Maine Principal's Association to allow dark shorts with white tops? Could there be an exception allowed for white tops and black shorts?

Schools typically change their Varsity uniforms every 2-4 years and the old uniforms get passed down to the JV team. I'm not necessarily suggesting that every school  go buy dark shorts for the 2023-24 season, but shouldn't we at least start the discussion and schools start budgeting for this?

What do you think?


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