Have You Turned Your Heat On? [POLL]
I woke up on Thursday, October 3rd and it was 34 degrees outside, and 56 degrees inside in the living room. I momentarily thought about turning on the pellet stove but didn't, but looking at that picture it sure looks warm! Have you turned your furnace on? Lit a fire or started your wood stove …
Pumpkin Spice Spam – Too Much? [POLL]
On my way down to Bar Harbor at 4:45 this morning I had an extra large Pumpkin Spice coffee. It was my first chain Pumpkin Spice of the year. Truth be told, I have started receiving Pumpkin Spice for my Keurig earlier this month.
Thin Blue Line Flag – Racist or Not? [POLL]
I guess that I live a rather sheltered life, as I was amazed to hear about the controversy over the Thin Blue Line Flag, and how some people are saying that flying it is racist. I was always under the impression that flying the thin blue line flag demonstrated your support of the police. Please tak…
July 15 – National Hot Dog Day [POLL]
July 15th is National Hot Dog Day! I'm not here to debate whether red or brown hot dogs are better. I'm more concerned what you put on your hot dog! Take the poll and let us know what condiments you put on your hot dog. You can vote for as many as you want!

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