Mount Desert Island, Trenton and Ellsworth firefighters were toned out Thursday, June 25th due to a brush fire that rapidly spread to a summer home in Tremont.

Photo Southwest Harbor Fire Department
Photo Southwest Harbor Fire Department

According to the Tremont Volunteer Fire Department's Facebook Page, large shrubbery in close proximity to the entrance of the home was quickly engulfed in flames while yard maintenance was being done. The fire had spread to the front wall and porch of the home before crews arrived.

The quick work from the person onsite and first arriving crews saved the summer home located down a stone pathway towards the shore of Bass Harbor. Additional crews arriving on scene supplied water down the narrow access driveway and others overhauled the charred exterior walls and covered porch ceiling to ensure the fire was extinguished.

A 2nd Alarm was initiated to request fire crews for the confirmed structure fire from Southwest Harbor, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, Trenton and Ellsworth.

Tremont Fire Department will return with a Ranger from the Maine Forest Service to survey the scene on Friday.

The Tremont Volunteer Fire Department reminds everyone that even after back to back days of dense fog, conditions are still very dry. Please use caution with open flames, fires and exhaust on gas operated tools. They also ask that you cut back driveways. The Fire Department's trucks are wide and tall and having to plow through low branches and navigate past trees makes it difficult to access homes and damages the apparatus. Regular cutting and trimming will make access to homes a lot less challenging.

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