4 8th Grade students were promoted from the Swan's Island School on Friday night, June 5th.

Michelle Whitmen the 8th Grade Advisor and grade 6-8 teacher talks about the promotion ceremony.

"Growing up on an island and completing kindergarten through eighth grade in one building with three classrooms is a unique experience.  And leaving their familiar community school and island home to venture off each morning by ferry to high school is no small adjustment but one our kids make nonetheless and a transition that must be celebrated.

There are many traditions on Swan's Island and a favorite of year round residents and summer folks alike is the coming of age "graduation" ceremony for our eighth graders. Over the years each graduating student has written and delivered a speech showing their thanks for their island community's support as well as share their observations and experiences they've had along the way.

As traditions go, there have been a few speeches that come around year after year.  There's the "Prophecy Speech", where the chosen eighth grader shares their vision for the future.  There's the "Memories Speech", where the eighth grader shares fond memories of their nine or so years at the school.  And then there's the "Class Will" where the older students pass down items and traditions to the younger students.

In the past, students have also created slideshows of their class trip to share the experience with the town that tirelessly raises money each year for their travels.  Of course, this year's trip was put on hold and our graduation is far from traditional but without complaint and the island can do attitude, our eighth graders have adapted to the situation and they are sharing their speeches in a new way.  Enjoy!

Here's the audio thanks to Principal Crystal DaGraca

And pictures of the 8th Grader's Promoted!

Swan's Island 8th Grade Promotion 2020

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