A group of parents are planning a demonstration of support in the re-opening of MDI Area Schools in anticipation of the AOS 91 School Board Meeting on Monday, August 10th.

The Board Meeting, limited to 50 people in person, will be held at 5:30 in the Higgins-Demas Theater at MDI High School. All attendees will be required to wear masks. For those wishing to watch and listen at home or work, you may do so on the MDI Trojan You Tube Channel.

You can see more about the group in support of the re-opening by clicking on the Facebook Event Page. If you are rallying in support, please be sure to follow the recommended steps of wearing a mask and remaining 6 feet apart.

At the meeting tonight, there are 4 options on the table for the board to discuss regarding back to school plans

Key Questions that the School Board will consider at the August 10th meeting

  1. Open remote-only on September 8 and remain remote for first two weeks (September 18);  begin phase in to full hybrid/in person models by September 25.
  2. Open September 8 for some students (e.g., most vulnerable, kindergarten) in person and phase in other students on a building-based schedule so full hybrid/in person can be implemented by October 13.
  3. Open September 8 full hybrid/in person for all students and staff (who are not involved with the Virtual Only Option)
  4. Open remote-only on September 8 and remain remote-only through October 12. Begin full hybrid/in person models on October 13.

It should be noted that it has yet to be made public if each school can accommodate with the Department of Education's Safety Guidelines all those students who might want to return to full 5 day a week instruction. Hopefully that will be discussed at the Board Meeting on August 10th.

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