The Maine Department of Health and Human Services and the Maine Department of Education raised concerns Tuesday about the Maine Principals' Associations' plan for fall sports which was passed last Thursday.

Commissioners of DHHS and the DOE sent a 4-page letter today to MPA Executive Director Michael Burnham that did not call for the cancellation of fall sports but urged the MPA to further delay the start of the fall sports seasons.

"Our review found that several elements in the MPA Guidance do not comport with the State of Maine rules," the letter said.

"The MPA Guidance is silent on the interaction with schools' plans, despite these activities occurring on school grounds, using school services and supervised by school staff," added the letter.

DHHS Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew and DOE Commissioner Pender Makin addressed the issue of fall sports during a Tuesday news conference. You can listen to the discussion beginning at 46:20 in the video below.

Burnham said MPA officials are in the process of reviewing the state's letter and are not ready to issue a response.

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