This is sports done right! If you are a high school athlete, you have a responsibility! Just as others have helped you, you have an obligation to help others and be role models to the next generation. I offer you this example, of Sierra Tapley, Kelsey Shaw and Emily Carter.

It was Dress Like Your Hero Day, a year ago at the Conners-Emerson school. Emily Carter with some help from her mother Krista, dressed up like her heroes, Sierra Tapley and Kelsey Shaw

Photo Krista Holmquist Carter

On Friday night, January 22nd, she was able to run out onto the court, at Bernard Parady Gymnasium during the Middle School Appreciation Night, while Kelsey Shaw and Sierra Tapley and the rest of the MDI Trojans Girl's Basketball Team made a tunnel! It was the start of the passing of the torch. A special moment. It's sports done right.

High school athletes, be the role model! Be the kind of person that these middle school students think you are!