If you weren't at sold out Hadlock Field in Portland on Tuesday to see Boston Red Sox ace Chris Sale pitch, you're going to have another opportunity this Sunday, July 25th

Sale  went 3.2 innings on Tuesday. He had 7 strikeouts, walked 1 batter and didn't allow a hit. He threw 49 pitches, 34 strikes and 15 balls as he breezed through his 2nd rehab start.

On Sunday, he will again face the Harrisburg Senators.

Portland has currently won 15 games in a row. The last time they lost was on Saturday, July 3rd, when they were shutout by the New England Fisher Cats 3-0

Game time on Sunday is at 1 p.m. and ticket prices start at just $11.00. You can purchase tickets HERE. After the game there is a promotion where kids can run the bases!

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We would advise getting to the Park early, as last Tuesday's game was sold out, and we anticipate Sunday's game will be sold out as well!

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