Major League Baseball released the 60 game regular season schedule Monday night, July 6th. The Red Sox will open the season on Friday July 24th against the Baltimore Orioles at 7:30 p.m.

All games will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA in Downeast Maine and on 101.9 in Aroostook County.

Here's when and who the Red Sox play:

FridayJuly 247:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
SaturdayJuly 251:35vs. Baltimore Orioles
SundayJuly 261:35vs. Baltimore Orioles
MondayJuly 277:30vs. New York Mets
Tuesday July 287:30vs. New York Mets
WednesdayJuly 297:10at New York Mets
ThursdayJuly 307:15at New York Mets
Friday July 317:05at New York Yankees
SaturdayAugust 17:15at New York Yankees
SundayAugust 27:08at New York Yankees
MondayAugust 3offoff
Tuesday August 46:40at Tampa Bay Rays
WednesdayAugust 56:40at Tampa Bay Rays
ThursdayAugust 6offoff
FridayAugust 77:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SaturdayAugust 87:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SundayAugust 91:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
MondayAugust 107:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
TuesdayAugust 117:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
WednesdayAugust 127:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
ThursdayAugust 134:30vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Friday August 147:05at New York Yankees
SaturdayAugust 157:15at New York Yankees
SundayAugust 167:08at New York Yankees
Monday August 177:05at New York Yankees
TuesdayAugust 187:30vs. Philadelphia Phillies
WednesdayAugust 191:35vs. Philadelphia Phillies
ThursdayAugust 207:35at Baltimore Orioles
Friday August 217:35at Baltimore Orioles
Saturday August 227:35at Baltimore Orioles
SundayAugust 231:05at Baltimore Orioles
MondayAugust 24offoff
Tuesday August 256:37at Toronto Blue Jays
WednesdayAugust 266:37at Toronto Blue Jays
ThursdayAugust 276:37at Toronto Blue Jays
FridayAugust 287:30vs. Washington Senators
SaturdayAugust 297:30vs. Washington Senators
SundayAugust 301:35vs. Washington Senators
MondayAugust 317:30vs. Atlanta Braves
TuesdaySeptember 17:30vs. Atlanta Braves
WednesdaySeptember 27:30vs. Atlanta Braves
Thursday September 37:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
Friday September 47:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SaturdaySeptember 57:30vs. Toronto Blue Jays
SundaySeptember 61:35vs. Toronto Blue Jays
MondaySeptember 7offoff
TuesdaySeptember 87:05at Philadelphia Phillies
Wednesday September 94:05at Philadelphia Phillies
Thursday September 106:40at Tampa Bay Rays
FridaySeptember 116:40at Tampa Bay Rays
SaturdaySeptember 126:40at Tampa Bay Rays
SundaySeptember 131:10at Tampa Bay Rays
MondaySeptember 146:40at Miami Marlins
TuesdaySeptember 156:40at Miami Marlins
WednesdaySeptember 166:40at Miami Marlins
ThursdaySeptember 17offoff
FridaySeptember 187:30vs. New York Yankees
SaturdaySeptember 197:30vs. New York Yankees
SundaySeptember 201:35vs. New York Yankees
MondaySeptember 21offoff
TuesdaySeptember 227:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
WednesdaySeptember 237:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
ThursdaySeptember 247:30vs. Baltimore Orioles
Friday September 257:10vs. Atlanta Braves
SaturdaySeptember 267:10vs. Atlanta Braves
SundaySeptember 273:10vs. Atlanta Braves
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