Okay, we're getting really serious here. We're talking ice cream.

We've recently asked both our online readers and our on air listeners where their favorite foods are throughout eastern Maine, and some of our poll results have been surprising while others have not, as they've only stated the obvious for food lovers across the region.

We've covered pizza, Chinese food, steakhouses, Italian sandwiches, and breakfast.  Now, it's time to break out the big gun, especially for this time of year.

Where is the best ice cream shop or stand in eastern Maine?

There's nothing like taking your date or the family out for an ice cream on a nice summer day or night here in eastern Maine.  Not only does the ice cream really hit the spot, but there's just something about pulling the car into the lot, getting out and walking up to the take-out window while looking up at the menu and anticipating what's to come.  It's almost nostalgic, and certainly a ritual of summer for many.

With local flavors like Moose Tracks, Maine Sea Salt Caramel, Fudgin' Curmudgeon, White Chocolate Peppermint, and nightly specials like vanilla and pistachio swirl, one just can't get enough ice cream served up by a local high school girl from the take-out window of a Maine ice cream stand or shop.

So while we're here in the middle of summer let us know where your favorite ice cream is, anywhere from Newport to Camden, to Bucksport and Bangor to Bar Harbor.  Because even with gas at $3.15 per gallon we're ready to fill 'er up and hit the road this Saturday night for the best ice cream in eastern Maine!

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