Local singer-songwriter Chris Soper shared a video of a song he wrote as a tribute to the hundreds of workers at the Verso paper mill in Bucksport who are losing their jobs.

"'Small Town America' is a true statement on what I'm feeling now. I think it's bogus we can get thrown to the side like a leftover meatloaf.. good luck millworkers," Soper, who lives in Orland, wrote in a Facebook post (below) shared this week.

The lyrics are could apply to any of the small towns across the country who have dealt with the loss of a major employer.

Small town America, where'd you go?

So much money, but nothing to show

Its like a candle that's burned to the floor

Small town America no more.

In October, Verso announced it would shut down the Bucksport mill by year's end, citing a lack of profitability. More than 500 people will lose their jobs as a result.

Earlier this week, Verso singed a purchase and sale agreement with AIM Development, a company that recycles scrap metal.